Los Olivos
Sylmar, California

Los Olivos is a 30-home for-sale affordabe housing project proposed for the Sylmar community in the northeast San Fernando Valley. Once the home of olive orchards and then a rural suburb, Los Olivos will realize a new suburban prototype that is linked to both it’s past and it’s diverse future.

The site incorproates two traffic-calmed lanes with speed tables and curbside parking to buffer pedestrian spaces and slow cars. The Type V, one-hour, sprinklered townhomes feature a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces that lead from public sidewalks to semi-private entries. Garages are limited to one car width to both save costs and minimize the dominance of this element along street frontages. Entries to individual homes incorporate either entry trellises or porches. Each residence features open-plan first floors that lead to private backyards. The architecture of Los Olivos recalls the suburban, gable-roofed homes built in the San Fernando Valley in the 1960s and 1970s. Color is used to recall the earthy tones of olive trees and native oaks while brighter accents relate to Southern California’s diverse cultural traditions. At night, polycarbonate garage doors become lantern walls that festively mark the neighborhood’s streets as well as the entries to individual homes.

Client: Enterprise Homeownership Partners
Scope: 30 DU Small-lot Subdivision
Cost: Approximately $10,000,000

Los Olivos


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