3517 Hyde Park
Los Angeles, California

Hyde Park incorporates 14 townhomes on two infill lots in South Los Angeles, utilizing this City’s new small lot subdivision ordinance. This ordinance allows fee-simple ownership of single-family homes on divided lots and is being promoted as a key means to increase density, allow for the production of more affordable homes, and maintain the existing patterns of daily life in this city. The developer, the non-profit Enterprise Foundation, also wants to demonstrate that affordable housing can incorporate sustainable building principles and catalyze neighborhood revitalization through the creation of home ownership opportunities to people of moderate means.
Each three-story townhouse is organized about both a front yard entry and rear-alley parking. First floor entries face front garden patios. Stairs lead directly from the entry to second floor living areas that face the garden spaces. Master bedrooms are tucked behind the kitchens at the second level while the second and third bedrooms are placed on a third floor. The roofs at each unit slope to the south and feature photo-voltaic arrays. Other green design features include use of engineered and certified lumber, solar screens at south, west, and east facing windows, and use of Energy Star appliances and fixtures. From the street, landscape walls and entry gates mark a clear transition from the sidewalk, through a semi-private front yard, to a secured entry walk. The stucco walls, pitched roofs, use of earth-tone colors, and landscaped front yards are meant to evoke both traditional building patterns seen in the surrounding neighborhood as well as a contemporary form language generated from sustainable design principles.

Client: Enterprise Home Ownership Partners
Scope: 6 DU Small-lot Subdivision
Cost: $135/SF (construction)

Hyde Park


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