1340 West 4th Street
Los Angeles, CA

This 10 unit apartment project seeks to evoke a sensibility that is both warm and contemporary. Built for Thomas Safran and Associates, and overlooking downtown, the project was conceived to harmonize with the residential scale of its immediate neighborhood.

Of the 10 units, five are duplexes, three flats, and two are penthouses. The duplex units are lifted above three flats so as to maximize the view from each. The two penthouses share a roof deck and each offers a commanding view of the downtown LA skyline. The subterranean parking garage opens to the street at both its east and west edges, allowing light and landscape to enter an otherwise closed space.

Underlying the user friendly design is the larger effort to imagine new small footprint buildings that can recreate downtown as a destination neighborhood. By providing housing on a smaller human scale, the hope is to encourage people who work downtown to see living there as an option that doesn’t sacrifice the warmth of community while offering proximity to the wealth of opportunity that downtown provides.

Client: Thomas Safran and Associates
Scope: 10-unit apartment building on 8100 sf site
Budget: $2,000,000

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1340 W 4th ext day
1340 W 4th view
1340 W 4th night
1340 W 4th int2
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